You came to the right place. Here you will find some examples of our custom glass and clay work. A selection of materials and colours are available, both for stained glass and clay creations. What’s your favourite combinations?

We have a selection of products that we produce on a regular basis and will gladly supply them in a colour of your choice. We can also create something brand new just for you. Contact us for an official quote and let’s make your vision a reality.

It's in the detail

Something so simple, yet so elegant can really create an eye catching feature you never knew you wanted. It’s the small things that really make a difference.

Lose the curtains

Add some colour to your home a stained glass window. Spunk from the outside and beautiful coloured light streaks touching your soul on the inside.

Keep the privacy

Textured glass not only looks beautiful but it serves a very important purpose. It lets the light in to brighten up a room and keeps the private stuff private.

Stained Glass

We make a large range of stained glass items, lamps, decorative items, sun catchers, door panels windows, mobiles terrariums and other stuff. We also do commissions and repairs.

You imagine it we create it with different types of glass textures, thickness and colours available. The combinations are endless. With that said each project is costed individually as prices are dependent on the materials used.


All our pottery products are handmade and undergoes extreme measures of quality control throughout the process, however small defects and variations may occur because of the nature and properties of natural clay, the mixture of minerals, colourants and chemicals used for glazing, even firing temperatures, plays a role.

Some variation in colour might be visible, and we allow 5 -10mm in size difference on all our products within a batch.

Your Vision

You bring the ideas and the vision, we have the equipment and the talent. We create custom pieces according to your desired specifications, keeping functionality in mind.

Any shape or size

Have something specific in mind? A space that needs some love but can’t find the right size anywhere? We will custom make a pot in any size of shape you need.

Any Colour

We have a wide range of colours to choose from. Pick your favourite, mix and match if you please, add some spots, strokes or patterns. Let’s create something unique.

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