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Our products are available in any colour, shape or size. Can’t find it in our shop? Let us know and we will gladly create it in your favourite colour.

Something Custom

The heart wants what the heart wants. We know this and we are here to cater to your heart’s desire. We do custom work in clay and stained glass, according to your specifications, budget and ideas.

Every custom piece that leaves our studio is inspired by a visionary –  you, our happy customer.

Have a closer look and get in touch with us.

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Make a trip of it

Bring your kids, neighbours, family and friends to our studio and enjoy the art of creating your very own ceramics.

We have a variety of products and colours at your disposal to create a unique master piece. We add a clear glaze to it, bake it and package it for you to take home in no less than 5 days. If you can’t hang around that long we will courier it to your doorstep.

There’s a coffee shop on our premises so breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments are sorted.